Thursday, May 17, 2012

Uptown Sidney, Iowa

As the smaller, family farms get gobbled up by the giants, this little town is shrinking. Tornadoes and the recent flooding of the Missouri River hit many of the nearby towns hard. Large houses sit empty for years. Most of the hangers-on are retired and have their homes paid off. They still live in a world of 'high tea socials', Sunday mass, and the local rodeo. 
I sat in the lawn at the courthouse and drew the Arbor Bank, the building where my family kept their money over fifty years ago. In the upstairs of the building at the far left, I take yoga twice a week to maintain what little flexibility I still have. The cost per one hour session is "Whatever you feel like dropping in the box."


Anonymous said...

I am from Sidney, Iowa (in 1970s and 1980s), just curious why you were there.

Steve Reddy said...

My family is from, and still lives in, Sidney: parents, Grandmother, aunts and cousins. I was visiting for the month of May.