Sunday, October 14, 2012

Little Sketchbook

          I like being able to pull this smaller Moleskine out of my pocket without attracting attention and dashing out these little doodles throughout the day.
          An accident on the Ballard bridge prevented me from going to the Hi-Life for breakfast Saturday so I went to a new place in my own neighborhood.
          My 5year old iMac stopped recognizing it's own DVD drive and a copy of Pillow Talk wouldn't eject, so I took it to the Apple "Genius Bar" and they finished destroying it for me so now it's useless.
          I drew my nightstand listening to NPR while my arm went to sleep and the wind scraped the tree branches against the side of my building.

1 comment:

Anns Art said...

Great sketches. I find the small moleskine sketchbooks useful too, I'm not keen on people watching me draw. Sorry about your technical equipment having problems, at least a sketchbook can't break down!