Friday, June 28, 2013

Sebi's Bistro

I pass this restaurant every time I run the 7 mile loop around Lake Union, (a couple of times a week if Jackie shames me into it). Yesterday the light struck it just right and I made a mental note to come back and draw the view from the west side. When I got there, I noticed the light was even better from the north view, so I set up my stool in the shade of a street sign. I had to push the telephone poles around to make a better composition so things wouldn't all be parallel to each other, and the electrical hardware at the top of the pole was way out of view so I shortened the telephone pole considerably so I could include it in the drawing. That's why I always carry my artistic license.

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Don Walls said...

I love your comment that you carry your artistically license. I organize Spokane Sketchers over here on the east side and I am going to use that idea for a membership card. I'll be sending you one! Looking forward to your book next year! I've been sketching again after a career in graphic design and its very satisfying.

Don Walls