Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Four Lunches

Here is the completed Ink wash of the drawing I did at my neighborhood PCC Market last week. Some artists may say they don't choose favorites among their works, but this is a favorite of mine. It's full, detailed, specific and with high contrast. I don't think color would add much.
By contrast, here is Mama's Mexican Kitchen. I broke my own rules about "rainbowing" a painting because this is what the place really looks like to me. My teaching mentor and I used to meet here after work to talk shop before moving on to play pool somewhere. Sadly, this Belltown landmark will be destroyed to make way for more of the boring condos that are taking over this once eccentric and unique city. Ah, well.
In pulling together the illustrations for my new book, I was interested to see how my drawing has changed over the six years since I first read Danny Gregory's An Illustrated Life. On the left is 2009's version, and on the right is today's.

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