Monday, September 7, 2015

Building a book.

It's three in the morning and I woke up with my head racing with ideas for the new book, but before I dive in I thought I'd update this old site quickly. A lot has happened since I last checked in here at blogspot. If you haven't yet signed up at the new website, please do. It's more current and complete than this one. 
I picked up the shipping materials for sending my books to the Kickstarter backers. $500 of bubble wrap and cardboard boxes:

I'm pretty diligent about getting regular maintenance on the car, which is made more tolerable by bringing along my sketchbook:

Here is my friend Terry's workspace, drawn for my new book:

And I saw this urban still-life and had to capture it:
I'm working hard and happily on This Is Then, That Was Now. September is dedicated to laying out the visuals and making the book gorgeous, and October is for editing the text and final proofs. That leaves November for printing. My plan is to have it out by the holidays. 

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