Monday, February 29, 2016

Hello there. Hi, it's me, woefully behind on my blog updates. 

Having been drawing in the same 9x12 sketchbooks for what, six years now?, and using the same technique, I've forced myself out of my comfort zone to try different subjects and techniques to shake things up a bit. Here are a couple of quickies from my little Moleskine, drawn over coffee at Zoka Coffee:
Still working on my brush pen technique. Here's Marc Maron and Louis CK:
Donna was in the hospital for a couple of days so I drew her several times there. Here is a drawing from just before checking out and another drawing after we got home. She's doing well and is recovering from surgery as planned:
Continuing to experiment, I'm trying to overcome my aversion to all things digital and colored a couple of strange but personal drawings in Photoshop:
I finished teaching another 5-week class using the still-life:
Craftsy has contracted me to record a new on-line class about drawing complicated interiors. They'll be flying me to Denver in early April for that. They wanted to see photos of my process so I drew Vios Café in my traditional style with in-progress photos:
If you haven't yet tried out a Craftsy class, the seven teachers and I who are Urban Sketchers are running a pretty cool promo right now for two weeks only:

And if you still don't have my big, full-color, 292-page illustrated memoirs, what are you waiting for? I only printed a limited number and they won't last forever. I saw someone listed a copy of Now Where Was I? on Amazon for $150! You can get a brand new one from me for $39.95!

Okay, back to work,


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Terry Banderas said...

Love all of your work.