Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sketching Interiors: Structure, Detail and Play (Part 1)

There's a lot to share so I'll break this blog post into two parts.

Here it is, my new Craftsy class about drawing on location. Craftsy went all out, taking the crew to a fun coffee shop/wine bar/bookstore so we could tape the class during business hours with real customers and commotion so I could offer tips and tricks for dealing with distraction, managing materials, staying inconspicuous, etc. But mostly how to draw a detailed, fun drawing of a complicated and cluttered space. It turned out even better than I'd hoped.

Check out the class trailer here: 

Of course I've been drawing every day. At lunch break during the Craftsy shoot the crew and I went across the street to The Atomic Cowboy. I drew this while the crew finished their pizza:

Another drawing done as part of the Craftsy class:

A commissioned drawing of a former high school turned condos:

King Street Station drawn with the Seattle Urban Sketchers:

And still teaching my drawing class at Gage Academy, using the still-life to demonstrate my linear technique:

I'll post again in a week or so with part 2. Thanks for looking and thanks for telling a friend. And thanks for checking out the new class! 

 Back to work! Steve

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